F&S: Une invitation au voyage

The Nose (Paul Rigter/ IDTV, 2013, Netherlands)
Alessandro Gualtieri is a rebel perfumer; he wants to create his new perfume Blamage. For inspiration he travels around the world, but the farther he goes, the more he seems to disrupt not only his environment but also himself. Will Blamage turn out to become the perfect mistake?


Le Parfum retrouvé (Luc Ronay/ CNRS images, 2012, France)
When a chemist and an archeologist team up to reinvent the fragrances of a millenary perfume…


Annick Le Guérer.
Perfume historian and anthropologist, she will explain how perfume changed over time. She will introduce you to long lost fragrances and unique scents.

“Trick and treat your senses”


12 tm 15 april
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